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If you are on this page, you probably know that America, found on Christian principles and individual rights, is quickly becoming a Godless, totalitarian state. 

Programs like Common Core, the Affordable Care Act and sustainable development initiatives are leeching away our freedoms. People know something is wrong. But politicians and the media keep them so distracted, they cannot see the causes.

That is why I wrote the Shattering America’s Trance workshop.

How often are conservatives stunned to find our friends never heard that president Obama…

  • Signed 2 international treaties ignoring Constitutionally required Senate approval
  • Meddled in foreign elections to defeat the Prime Minister of one of our country’s best allies
  • Humiliated the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people, by having him exit the WH past garbage bags
  • Threatened federal prosecution of states attempting to purge dead people from voter rolls
  • Issued gag orders against parties who exposed the fraud in Obamacare
  • Attempted to fine homeowners $75,000 a day, with no court approval, for non-compliance with a federal agency
  • Except for mainstream media cover-ups, any one of these issues would have sunk Obama’s political future.

Shattering America’s Trance leads the way in teaching techniques to help conservatives share real news with community members.

When people discover the truth, they act…

  • In Huntington Beach CA, liberals and conservatives joined to stop construction of an urban hi-rise
  • In Castle Rock, CO, officials rejected a HUD grant that gave the federal government control over local decisions
  • In San Francisco, left and right united to protest regional plans forcing people into Preferred Development Areas
  • In Erie, PA a Christian Broadcasting Co, in spite of risk to their non-profit status, exposed the negative effects of HUD on poor families

The only way to regain our freedoms is for more people to know what you know. 

Shattering America’s Trance teaches how to clear away the trance and make your conservative voice heard. 

For three years, I have traveled the country presenting our workshop, showing how that trance can be shattered. 

The SAT online program is the result of the feedback from hundreds of activists who have helped fine-tune our program.

From its beginnings in upstate NY, SAT has become the finest communications program for expanding the conservative message available anywhere. 

Tossing facts to people under liberal hypnosis is a waste of time. They must discover the truth for themselves.

  • Our workshop shows you how to hold powerful influence with people even when you both sharply disagree.
  • Learn how to disarm liberals of their favorite political name-calling tactics.
  • Learn a simple, effective technique to turn the tables on political correctness.
  • Discover how to move liberals to discredit their own solutions and their own sources of information.

Shattering America’s Trance is not about making people to see the truth. It is about getting people to feel the truth for themselves.

SAT includes 19 clearly illustrated and professionally presented lessons. Each module contains information to help you understand the different liberal mindsets and how you can influence them. You will learn who you can sway and who to ignore to save your time and spirit.

See visually why politicians are desperate to keep communities divided, and what happens when you unite just a small handful of conservatives and ‘awakened’ liberals.

 In the workshop, you will learn:

  • The tricks the media and politicians use to keep Americans blind to government corruption.
  • How politicians pit community groups against each other to hide their own crooked actions.
  • The module, “Crushing Political Correctness” and “Smashing the Conservative Stereotype” give practical solutions to shut down PC and turn the tables on those who call conservatives “racists” and “Islamophobes” and worse.

Ever wonder why liberals still believe Obamacare is a good idea; even though it has failed on almost every level?

  • In, “Bulletproofing Insanity” you learn the tactics liberals use to cling to failed ideas. There is even a module that shows how you can collapse their “bulletproofing.”
  • “Organizing Conservative Community Coalitions,” teaches you three simple steps you can use to build strong and enduring conservative alliances in your neighborhood.
  • You will learn proven techniques to encourage the “Daydreamers” and the “Deceived” to shatter their own myths about Common Core, Sustainable Development and most current issues.
  • The module, “Shattering the Trance” pulls all of the workshop ideas together in a personal action plan you can use with community groups, or with individuals.

Throughput the workshop you will find abundant examples of questions to ask, and easy steps to follow that will help you create your own “wake-up” questions.

Our modules are presented in an easy to learn format that gets right to the point and loaded with useful tools..

  • We teach 4 simple techniques to use with any conversation to expose liberal hypocrisy.
  • Learn 2 skills you can use to bring liberals to work together to solve problems.
  • Follow a quick 3-step approach to community organizing that embeds conservative values.

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SAT Workbook

The SAT Workbook accompanies each of the 19 modules and helps make the new information part of your daily routine. 

Reviews expand on the information. Each lesson contains an action plan so you can quickly put your ideas into practice.

More SAT website resources

As conservative activists, you have told us what you want and we have listened. 

Every day progressives contribute to the downfall of the greatest nation in history and yet they do not seem to know or care. Our Shattering America’s Trance website goes well beyond our workshop to give you the tools you need to help your neighbors understand the growing dangers.

Find information to share under "Did You Know?"

The SAT website contains documents and articles you can share with your neighbors. These are worded to wake up the uninformed without resorting to extremist language or partisan accusations.Under “Did You Know”, you will find thought-provoking articles that appeal to community interests.

  • Under “Did You Know”, you will find thought-provoking articles that appeal to community interests.
  • We use historical articles to place current events in easy to relate to perspectives.
  • You will find podcasts that are easy to share with neighbors.

Articles explain complex issues in clear language that makes it easy to connect the collectivist dots on current issues. (For instance, many people dislike Common Core. But, how many know the program now gives the government the authority to manage your child’s medical care, personal behavior and even treat parents as their “partner” in the joint rearing of their children?)

Stay motivated with our “Invigorate” section

Embedding conservative values in communities that have been misled for years; and getting those people to act, requires perseverance. People on our side often feel ground down, as if the left is an endless machine vacuuming our rights and liberties.

Life is to enjoy. If we allow our spirit to run down, the other side wins. 

That is why our website section, “Invigorate” gives you tips for staying physically and mentally healthy. 

You will find advice from people who are facing the same community challenges as well as the normal contests life throws our way. There are exercises and techniques for self-motivating that can help you through the toughest of times. 

We also have access to live workshops and presentations in your community, as well as resource links, books and DVD’s all to make your work easier.

Once you enroll, the workshop is always yours to take at your own speed and practice as you go. There is no renewal and no expiration date.

Ready to start learning?

Watch one module for free!


“SAT exposes the schemes politicians use to fool the public and how beat them.” Seattle

“John has created the best presentation on today’s issues and how to share them I have ever seen.’’

“Shows how the media lies to members of both parties to keep them ignorant and fighting each other.” KJ, Seattle

“Changes my paradigm about labeling people.” RS, Seattle

“The program showed a simple and direct way to communicate to the left in order for us to come together against an overreaching federal policies, understand them and communicate without putting up walls. EDV, Seattle

 “I liked the thoughtfulness and conciseness of the material. Love the concepts coupled with real life, concrete examples!” DSM, Ohio

“Well worth the money.” DA, Ohio

“Opened my mind to better approaches to present my point of view to liberally minded individuals.” DL, Ohio

“Made me realize I am in the majority and the battle is winnable.” Ohio

“The content and pace of the program were conducive to sustaining interest and John’s level of expertise continues to impress.”

“It helped me set up strategies, select targets, provides good information sources.”

“The material is very practical…I can take the tools learned in the workshop and apply them to my conversations with others.” LS, Dayton, OH

“All of it! Excellent!” PKR, Dayton, OH

“The content was excellent and the identification of “types” of liberals and how to deal with each, was an eye-opener for me.” Ohio

“Informative about how to approach people who see issues differently, and how to keep communication open.”

“Good info. To make people aware of how to address the issues by being more cognizant of personal approach.” Ohio

“Real concrete knowledge and advice including actual ideas!” KC, Chattanooga

“Clear insight on what works when communicating with people who may have preconceptions about you or your views.” MSM, Chattanooga

“Identifying different personalities and how to address them more effectively.”

“Stimulated my thinking and challenged me.”

“John’s program provides the awakening we need to change the way we present our message.” DR, Chattanooga

“I learned how to change the way to approach people without alienating them.”

“I learned skills to help open lines of communication with people who have been taught to disregard my way of thinking.” Pennsylvania

“Helped me understand how to deal with difficult people in a much better way.” TA, PA

“SAT gives common sense suggestions that you can use to support your cause and your discussion.”

“Now I know how to influence people who disagree with me in a positive way.”

“John’s course made me aware of my ability to change people’s mind…and how to effect opening minds. I can make a difference.” PA

“Shattering America’s Trance is a new and needed approach to political activism.” PA